5 Most Iconic Men’s Hairstyles of All Times

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You may browse the internet and see so many manly, and stylish men’s haircuts out there that you would love to give a try.  Have you ever wondered how these haircuts grow in popularity? At Diesel Barbershop we know it to be an iconic hairstyle and an iconic figurehead has to wear it first.

Diesel Barbershop will dive into 5 of the most iconic and timeless men’s hairstyles of all time.

Iconic Men’s Hairstyles: Elvis Presley’s Pompadour

Elvis loved James Dean so much and respected the man so much he copied his hairstyle. He decided to take things a bit further: understanding that not only his performances spoke volumes about his talent and his charm, but also his hair, he started to fine-tune Dean’s quiff. Today, we remember Elvis Presley for more than his music and movies. We know him for his timeless pompadour haircut, with its wet appearance.

There are plenty of variations of the pompadour today, but all you have to know is that it goes well with all face shapes and can easily be styled with hair gel.

Iconic Men’s Hairstyles: James Dean’s Slicked Back Hairstyle

An icon for decades, James Dean was a pioneer of stellar hairstyles. He became the trademark of the slicked-back hairdo men nowadays are in love with – this is not a joke, there is something called a “James Dean Cut.” Along the years, James Dean sported a quiff and sometimes long tousled locks, becoming the very image of youthful rebellion, laidback attitude, confidence, manliness, and style.

However, the slicked back does make an impact on the world today. That particular cut is considered unique – as Andy Berry put it, “that haircut has never been seen before.” Taylor Swift sings about James Dean’s slicked-back hair and today modern stylists recreate the image adding some variations here and there with undercuts and fades.

Side Part with Wavy Long Fringe

This is a hairstyle we see a lot in period films. The long wavy fringe that grazes the eye and the flipped hair around the ear exude a heavy vintage vibe. This is truly an iconic style that’s perfect for those who want to bring the retro look to the present.

Wavy Side Styling

Moving on to another vintage look, this is reminiscent of the finger wave of the 1920s. The sleek silhouette and the carefully styled waves will have you looking like a dapper Old Hollywood star.

Iconic Men’s Hairstyles: George Clooney’s Side Part

Side parting is clearly not new these days, and it wasn’t new in the 90s either, but George Clooney put it back on the map of the hottest manly hairstyles. When Clooney made his appearance in Out of Sight, women everywhere gasped in awe.

The haircut is simple in and out of itself and can be deemed bland and common. What you have to know about it is that it is iconic regardless our age and time. It separates a boy from a man, it makes a man look like a danger to all ladies, and it brings in so much distinguished masculinity, it would make even Humphrey Bogart jealous. This is the haircut of a classy gentleman who seems to have been born in a tux.

Iconic Men’s Hairstyles: David Beckham’s Faux Hawk

This iconic man (and we mean for fashion and style, not just for sports) has played with so many hairdos, it is hard to choose his best one. But generally, it is agreed that David’s fauxhawk – or messy outgrown Mohawk – shook the very foundations of men’s hairstyles. Keep in mind that his fauxhawk made its debut around the 2000s. There are plenty of modern fauxhawk variations and styling options so you can look spectacular at any given time.

Iconic Men’s Hairstyles: Brad Pitt’s Undercut

It is true that Pitt, just like Beckham, sported gorgeous haircuts and styles throughout the years. Brad Pitt with long hair, Brad Pitt with fringed bangs, Brad Pitt with a faded cut – women had plenty of reasons to fall and re-fall in love with the sexy superstar. But as iconic hairstyles go, almost nothing can beat Brad’s undercut in the movie Fury.

This cut is nspired by the undercuts of the 40s. The hard disconnected undercut of Brad refreshed a past look propelling it into the future. While the movie is new, Brad’s rather radical hairstyle change can be seen nowadays all over the streets. Of course, being so disconnected and striking, the hairstyle goes great with those young urban hot shots that also love sporting a beard.

What are your favorite iconic male superstar and his staple hairstyle? Are you more of an Elvis or a modern Brad Pitt?

If you think one of these styles is something that you want to try then schedule a consult. One of our barbers will help you pick the right style for your face shape.

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