Most Common Mistakes in Classic Shaving

Classic Shaving Mistakes Mr. Barber - Everything you need to know about the most common mistakes in Classic Shaving

Shaving is an obligation that every man must go through unless he lives in the jungle! Even if you have a thick beard, there are always contours to touch up so that it looks perfectly groomed.

In classic shaving, men make key mistakes, turning it into a tedious and unrewarding routine. In this article, we want to highlight the most common errors.

Time: Time is crucial in a good shave. A quick pass in 2 minutes will only result in irritation and a poor shave. Give yourself time for your ritual, at least 15 minutes to moisten your face, pass the razor a couple of times, without rushing. Time is essential, don’t steal it!

Water: We must remember that for a good shave, we should use hot water to soften the facial hair and open the pores. This small gesture will greatly help with the closeness and smoothness of the razor or straight razor on the face. So, remember, use hot tap water and enjoy the steam.



Choose your products wisely; quality is crucial in your ritual.

Razor: Another very common mistake is hitting the razor against the sink to shake off the hairs after each pass. This mistake will only dull the blade, worsening the shave with each pass, and can also cause unintended cuts. After each razor pass, the ideal thing to do is to clean it with a towel or a bit of tissue paper. This will remove the hairs from the razor without damaging the blade.

Shaving Direction: Men insist on going against the grain for a closer shave in classic shaving… mistake! We should never shave against the grain; this will only cause skin irritation. The direction should always be with the grain of hair growth. And remember, if you want to go over the same area again, you should rehydrate the area and wait a few minutes before doing so.

Quality Products: The last piece of advice is to use quality products. If shaving is a daily or every two to three days routine, take care of your face. Choose a good razor or straight razor that suits your needs, a shaving soap and brush that help the blade glide smoothly over your face, and finally, a finishing product (aftershave, alum block, etc.) to help your skin recover better and avoid dryness.

We hope that with these small tips to avoid the most common mistakes in Classic Shaving, your shaving experience reaches a new level, and you enjoy it every day. Remember that on our website, we have the best products for your Classic Shaving needs.

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